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    發布人:管理員   發布時間:2021-10-25

    The structural design and description of cable tray mold is mainly to ensure accurate and rapid operation when using the mold. According to the construction scheme of cable tray mold, prefabrication production is generally adopted


    Even if field operation is required, its structure is simple. The structural design and description of cable tray mold are the specific links of prefabrication materials, and the materials required for a single high-speed railway cable tray mold need to be prepared



    Usually, the weight of plastic used in a single cable tray mold will be greater than that actually produced, and chemical changes will occur under the extrusion of the injection molding machine. Because plastics usually have the characteristics of thermal expansion and cold contraction, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy and practicability of prefabricated materials


    Therefore, 10-20g more ABS resin should be weighed in the selection of materials, so as to ensure that the original weight of the produced high-speed railway cable tray mold remains unchanged.


    It is a very important step to include the prefabrication material link. The weighing of workers' material determines the quality of the mold, so we must pay more attention to this step.


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