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    發布人:管理員   發布時間:2021-10-7


    The curing methods of stone moulds along the road are different according to seasonal temperature. In the season of high temperature in spring and summer, the moulds can be removed twice a day. The difference between steel moulds and plastic moulds is that the sealing is not too good, so the moisture is easily lost.


    If it is a cement product produced by road brick machine, it needs to sprinkle water once at a time to prevent cracking caused by drying, but the products produced by steel mould are not needed.


    In autumn and winter, the temperature is low, so it is suitable to take off the mould once a day. If the weather is too cold, the mould should be placed in the room for maintenance to prevent frost cracking, damage the mould and affect the next use.



    The technology of roadside stone mould has become an important standard to measure the manufacturing level of concrete well cover products. It has become an important means to produce concrete and cement parts by using stone moulds along roads.


    Mold manufacturing industry plays an important role in China's economic development. Its development directly affects the overall level of China's national economy, but also reflects the tremendous progress of the mould industry.


    The stone moulds along the road play an important role, not only playing a protective role, but also making people's vision fully satisfied, so that we feel happy.

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