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    發布人:管理員   發布時間:2021-8-3


    Hexagonal slope protection die is becoming more and more popular, widely used and diversified in design. The application of new materials and new technologies has promoted the rapid development of die industry and gradually become the pillar of building materials industry.


    With the improvement of the types and requirements of dies, the standard parts of dies have become an important condition for the enterprises to participate in international competition. The main trend of the standard parts of dies is to have more varieties and classifications.



    There are more and more kinds of traditional standard parts and higher quality requirements. New functional structure standard cells and standard parts with more manufacturing flexibility are becoming more and more important, becoming a new direction for new technology and innovation to enhance competitiveness.


    Hexagonal slope protection mould has the most advanced production equipment and high-precision product detection system in China. It ensures that the hexagonal slope protection mould products have high quality and zero defects. It uses the most humanized, scientific and intensive management mode and excellent process equipment to support and improve the operation of the company, and to enhance the customer's continuous satisfaction with the hexagonal slope protection mould of our factory.

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