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    發布人:管理員   發布時間:2021-6-19


    The manufacturer of the cover plate mould has high requirements for the specification and accuracy of the cover plate mould. In the production, the technical parameters should be strictly controlled to ensure that the cover plate mould can be perfectly spliced and laid firmly. Cover plate mould has great potential of energy saving, land saving, water saving and material saving in construction industry


    Promoting wall material innovation and promoting energy-saving buildings are important measures to improve building functions, improve resource utilization efficiency and protect the environment.


    Cover mould and construction industry are interdependent. With the continuous implementation of various projects in China and the rapid development of the construction industry, the capital investment of urban infrastructure has increased year by year, and better and more construction materials are needed to maintain the development of the construction industry.



    The demand for the cover plate mould is also further expanded, and higher requirements are put forward for the color tile equipment with higher manufacturing level. Over the years, our factory has always adhered to science and technology as the guide, to meet product quality and constantly improve product quality as the goal


    A set of unique manufacturing style and unique advanced technology has been formed through continuous technological transformation, introduction of new technology, promotion of new technology, adoption of new materials, self-made special equipment, improvement of processing means and strict process discipline.

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