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    發布人:管理員   發布時間:2021-5-5


    The production principle of well cover mold is the same as that of other mold products, including the steps of product quotation, order, purchase of raw materials, mold assembly, mold test, product evaluation report, etc., which are formed by injection molding.


    The forming principle of the mould is the same as that of other cement products. By introducing concrete into the mould and forming by simple vibration, this new production mode has driven the overall progress of the industrial economy.


    The well cover mould technology has also been greatly improved. Compared with the previous moulds, the service life of the moulds produced now is longer and more durable than before.



    The polishing technology of mould is an important part of mould surface engineering and an important post-processing technology of mould manufacturing process. With the large-scale application of mirror injection mold production, the well cover mold polishing technology has become a key issue in mold production.


    As an important part of modern production construction, mold plays a very important role in the basic manufacturing industry. Today's well cover mold manufacturing industry is constantly absorbing the new achievements of scien

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