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    發布人:管理員   發布時間:2021-4-10


    The energy-saving and environment-friendly building material bricks produced by the well cover die equipment are up to the national standards in compression, bending, freezing and radiation resistance.


    Compared with the former Red brick, this energy-saving and environmental protection building material brick has high strength, good anti-bending and moisture-proof performance, and the longer the time, the harder the brick, the same price as the red brick, and the market prospects are very broad.


    Cover mould equipment has the advantages of fast forming speed, high product density, high production efficiency and high degree of automation. It is being recognized and trusted by the market and the vast number of users. Mould also represents the development trend of future mould market.



    After vigorous promotion and development in recent years, the well cover die has been improved at a high speed. With its stable performance, advanced technology, energy saving and environmental protection advantages, it has taken the lead in the industry and gradually occupied the market.


    Our factory has a strong benefit market in the pursuit of growth in the perfect trend, high-quality service and high-energy market equipment in the technological choice of perfection, the pursuit of growth in the international priority history of the pursuit of growth, for a good high-energy market to pursue a good innovation brand, continuous research and development has professional production value, good brand building. Good service reputation.

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