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    發布人:管理員   發布時間:2020-12-25

    The cable trough mold is a high-speed cutting mold, which is a good manufacturing process by using the high-speed placement and high cutting speed of CNC lathe. The advantages of high-speed cutting mold are shown in the following aspects:

    ① High speed rough machining and semi finish machining further improve the metal material removal rate.

    ② High speed cutting CNC lathe, NC blade and processing technology are selected to process hardened raw materials. For small and medium-sized molds, after quenching and tempering of raw materials, rough and finish machining can be carried out in one clamping process; for large and medium-sized molds, rough machining and semi finishing before quenching and tempering, and finishing after quenching and tempering are carried out.


    ③ High speed and high precision hard cutting can replace finishing, reduce a lot of manual grinding time, and improve the work efficiency by 50% compared with spark discharge machining.

    ④ Hard cutting can improve the surface quality and appearance precision (not only the surface roughness is low, but also the surface glossiness is high). It has the advantages of using the die to process the complicated inclined plane.

    ⑤ It can prevent carburizing, scalding and micro cracks caused by spark discharge and cutting, greatly reduce the surface damage of cable trough die after finishing, and improve the service life of the die by 20%.

    ⑥ Steel parts are less hot, cutting force is reduced, and thermal expansion is small. The integration of CAD / CAM technology is used to rapidly process electrical grade, which is very complex and thick wall type and easy to deform.


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