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    發布人:管理員   發布時間:2020-12-15

    Cable trough mold is widely used in high-speed construction. In the high-speed construction, there are many mountains nearby. In order to avoid the influence of landslide on the use of high-speed, it is necessary to take protective measures through cable trough.

    The cable trough mold has obvious advantages such as high technology content, high added value, long service life, wide application range and large market space. The most obvious characteristics of the new mold are high-quality, precise and sharp,


    The cable trough mold has good wear resistance and aging resistance. The characteristics of composite materials and the addition of special anti ultraviolet additives make the products have excellent light and temperature resistance.

    The product quality and production efficiency can be further improved by using this kind of cable tray mould, which can save more materials, realize automatic production and green manufacturing. Welcome to order cable tray mould in our company!


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