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    發布人:管理員   發布時間:2020-12-11

    The cable trough mold itself is a plate steel mold used to produce concrete cable trough, and its manufactured products are applicable to the cable trough of railway and highway.

    There are several technological processes to make cable trough mould. There are two kinds of raw materials: plastic injection molding and sheet metal forming.

    And in the whole process of production, there is no need to restrain the equipment, only concrete, cement mortar and other raw materials and a set of shaking table to do mutual cooperation that is OK.


    Polypropylene plastic particles are selected as the preform plastic mold, which is introduced into the preform core prepared in advance after the high temperature solution of the plastic machine, and the preform mold is formed after the refrigeration solution.

    The prefabricated steel mold is made of 3-8mm stainless steel plate through rolling, cutting, modeling design, structural reinforcement, welding, assembly, polishing and other procedures.


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