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    發布人:管理員   發布時間:2020-12-4

    The cable trough mold is the mold for manufacturing prefabricated concrete cable trough. The cable trough mold is a kind of white plastic mold, and its appearance is a rectangular U-shaped plastic mold box, so it is also called U-shaped groove mold.

    It is mainly used in China's major expressways and high-speed railways, with various varieties and varieties. It is used for the production of cement cable trough. The cable trough mold has the characteristics of convenient assembly and removal, stable mold assembly, no slurry leakage, stable size and smooth surface.


    This product is made of high-quality engineering ABS plastic. This material has the advantages of accurate molding, smooth surface, wear resistance, stable material characteristics, and can be recycled after use. A small number of special size cable tray molds can be formed by 3mm steel sheet metal.

    Cable trough mold has many types, such as single slot, double slot and multi slot. We can choose according to the needs of engineering construction, according to the quantity of each template demand and the materials that can be used, so as to save the production cost and meet the mold requirements. Welcome to order!


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